About Alexis

Excellence in Fitness, Movement and Injury Prevention

Maximize Efficiency and Performance While Limiting Injury and Downtime!

Alexis Lott offers personalized treatments and programs for educational institutions, corporations and companies of any size, and individuals from all walks of life!

Get Stronger, Faster, Fitter and Healthier!

Personally-Crafted Treatments and Regimens

Let Alexis create a specialized program to help you move more freely, feel better, and get healthier permanently!

The Process

How It Works

The Consult

Free consultations and a customized plans for each client! Each consult includes a personal profile for long and short-term gains in health and wellness.

The Treatment

Unique treatment and movement therapy that facilitates recovery and performance excellence for athletes and weekend warriors!

The Results

Guaranteed results include performance optimization, injury prevention and healthier, free-flowing body movement!

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