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Wellness, Mobility, Strength, and Injury Prevention
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About Alexis

Alexis Lott is a certified personal movement specialist who helps people achiever healthier and happier bodies.

Her Philosophy

Athletic overuse, muscle asymmetry and compensation patterns are just a few of the preventable injuries that occur at every stage of life and at every fitness level.

Let Alexis provide the necessary steps and maintenance practices to prevent these life altering injuries!

Alexis Lott

What I Do

For Companies

I offer specialized sessions to enhance productivity and performance for corporate clients and businesses large and small with personal visits in the office!

For Individuals

Specialized rehabilitation and movement therapy for private clients recovering from surgery and accidents or for those who want to be healthier and fitter!

For Institutions

Unique sessions for athletes and performers at the University, High School and professional level. My sessions accelerate recovery and prevent injuries.

Federal Contracts

Programs with treatments designed for Federal employees in the United States government.

Build Your Body to Protect Itself

Prevention Is Always Better Than Treatment!







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Excellence, Commitment, Dedication

Preventing Injuries, Improving Mobility

Custom Training and Rehab

Alexis Lott is a certified movement therapy specialist who helps athletes and weekend warriors get healthy, live better and recover from injuries and accidents!

The Process

How It Works

The Consult

Free consultations and a customized plans for each client! Each consult includes a personal profile for long and short-term gains in health and wellness.

The Treatment

Unique treatment and movement therapy that facilitates recovery and performance excellence for athletes and weekend warriors!

The Results

Guaranteed results include performance optimization, injury prevention and healthier, free-flowing body movement!

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